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Working on Fire is a pioneer and global leader in providing Integrated Fire Management Solutions at a local, provincial and national level.

Strategic, coordinated and effective framework for fighting unwanted fires.

Integrated Fire Management

Integrated Fire Management (IFM) is a series of actions implemented through reduction, readiness, response and recovery planning and management. Activities in IFM include fire awareness, fire prevention, prescribed burning, resource sharing and coordination, fire detection, fire suppression, fire damage rehabilitation and research at a local, provincial and national level to create a sustainable and well-balanced environment, reduce wildfire damage and promote the beneficial use of fire.

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Reduce and manage fire risk while navigating legislation during planning and implementation.


Mitigate fire risk through planning, training, early detection and resource capacity.


Combat fires with a tested dispatch, coordination and fire suppression system.


The aftermath of a wildfire requires rehabilitation of the burnt area.


The aftermath of a wildfire requires rehabilitation of the burnt area.


Fuel Load Management

Reducing fuel loads may be desirable in terms of reducing immediate risk, or can pose a threat to human life, infrastructure, commercial concerns, livestock and other land owners, or maintaining the health of fire adapted ecosystems.

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